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Hello! Welcome to Petcalls, a veterinary house-call practice that services the Denton County, Texas area. We come to your home by appointment and provide routine  medical care for  your pet dogs and cats. 
Dr. Jones is a Texas A&M graduate and has been a veterinarian for 40 years. She practiced in upstate New York, Missouri and North Texas before she started her mobile practice. 

"I started Petcalls to provide veterinary care in the home. The emergency clinic or veterinary hospital is the best place for your pet's serious illnesses requiring major surgery and hospitalization. In my professional experience, the majority of pets can be seen for routine care at the home, often with better results. Most dogs and cats are less stressed and therefore I can evaluate them more accurately. Many pets do not do well in a hospital or clinic environment. They are frightened of car rides or other pets in the veterinary clinic. Many people find it difficult to transport their pet, or have multiple pets or are responsible for small children that must travel with them.  Other  people simply appreciate the convenience of the veterinarian coming to the pet and find it is much less stressful for them as well as their pet.
 I want to establish a relaxed working relationship with you and your pet. I want to provide one on one, uninterrupted, quality, professional, compassionate care for this important member of your family"  

​Dr. Becky Jones
Due to medical issues I will be retiring on August 1,2019 
I am in the process of finding a veterinarian to take over.
So feel free to contact me for an update.